Therapeutic Area Portal

Problem Background: The client’s Global R&D department had a lot of issues as the members were not able to collaborate effectively due to the difference in time zones and also due to an absence of an IT system which could manage their content and move it through different stages of approval before being finally published. All the communication that happened between the department members was through e-mails, conference calls and informal discussion through phone.

TechPerspect’s Solution: TechPerspect proposed a web based collaboration portal solution that could be securely accessed within the intranet. The portal solution’s information architecture was designed in such a way that it provided a standardized functional & navigational structure across all therapeutic areas independent of the geography thus enabling the application to become a standard & secure collaboration platform for the R&D teams across the organization. This platform:

  • Provided simplified and responsive access to R&D information to a variety of stakeholders
  • Automated key processes to facilitate review, update, and approval of R&D information in both on-line and off-line modes
  • Provided a collaboration environment in support of the cross-functional and geographically dispersed users of the R&D department
  • Multiple views with filtering capabilities that allow a user to view various research activities
  • Online and offline editing of documents

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