Project Management Portfolio

Problem Background: The client was facing problems in consolidating, maintaining and tracking their projects in real time and that too in a collaborative environment. Neither the client team nor the customer team (whose project the client was executing) could have access to real time status of a project with respect to various parameters like cost, resources, timelines, risks etc. As a result of this the client teams were unable to manage the resources associated with the project and unable to get real time information about the project the customers were also edgy with their relationship with the client organization.

TechPerspect’s Solution: TechPerspect Solution was to create a Project Management Portfolio system that would consolidate the tracking of projects across the enterprise and all supporting project documentation into one central repository. This would help the client project managers to better manage enterprise and strategic projects. This application included:

  • Integration of project intake, prioritization, selection,project monitoring and controlling via one portal
  • Automation of certain project processes
  • Consistency of project documentation with standard built-in template functionality and consistent data collection mechanisms
  • Versioning and logging (author, date/time) of project documentation and modifications
  • Visibility across projects schedules, cost, risks and issues to enable portfolio management capabilities

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