Loan Portfolio Management System

Problem Background: Client was using SharePoint 2013 as content management solution for managing Loan Portfolios for its customers. Apart from Content Management capabilities, client also wanted to create a process where in the client’s loan portfolio data which consists of Rent Rolls, Under Writings, Sizing should be processed in a way so as to give the loan value in monetary terms with other financials, like Adjusted Acquisition Price, LTC constrained loan amount, Under Writing at Actual Rate, Maximum allowable mortgage to name a few.

TechPerspect’s Solution: Custom solution over SharePoint was proposed to the Client. All the loan Portfolio data was managed in Office Excel and various formulas were created in excels to provide run time calculation of business data. These values were then saved in calculated fields and were picked by SharePoint API to store in various custom columns for easy access. The Solution provided:

    • Easy access to all the content for a particular client
    • Data stored in Excels, so calculation of loan amount and other financials was easy and quick
    • End result for each excel is extracted from the Excel with the help of Excel Services
    • Detailed management reports for the different packages that need to be e-signed
    • Data can be easily shared with multiple banks to get the best possible rate for the end customer

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