Problem Background: The client organization was looking for a technical partner to implement a solution for managing the alumni activities efficiently and effectively through a web platform. The alumni members wanted a web platform through which they could interact, remain abreast of the latest events, collaborate on various initiatives and engage interactively to ensure close contact with each other thus helping in building a strong alumni network across different batches. The client wanted automation of system administration, membership registration, and other processes to be facilitated end to end through the solution itself.

TechPerspect’s Solution: TechPerspect provided an MVC based solution that was backed up with a powerful database backbone. The solution provided many innovative features like buddy connect which would help the alumni members to connect with each other through many different ways . It was tightly integrated with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and had a single sign on capability integrated with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Social Integration
  • Events Management
  • Buddy Connect
  • Effective Community Communication
  • Collaboration Features

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