Financial Portal

Problem Background: The client was looking for a solution that could be used by its finance managers having a presence across organization’s global offices within different business units to forecast data and to generate reports. The client sought to build a system that could integrate its legacy applications with its changing business structure and also automate processes to reduce the time gap needed for accessing relevant data which forms a key factor in any financial application.

TechPerspect’s Solution:TechPerspect proposed a web based collaboration  portal solution that could be securely accessed within the organization’s intranet. The web based solution could be accessed by finance managers from various business units to manage the following:

  • Quarterly Close Processes
  • Sample Planning
  • COGS Model
  • Enter forecast latest estimates values & calculate financial ratios for quarterly close processes
  • Shipment of free drug samples within the US and Puerto Rico market using forecasting tool
  • Forecast COGS as part of the expense model

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