SharePoint Connector for e – Signing Product

Problem Background: The client is a provider of e-signing solutions to different industry domains. The client needed a Microsoft SharePoint connector for their e-signing solution. As many organizations are using Microsoft SharePoint as an enterprise platform for content management, document management, business process management, collaboration platform etc. they require to use the e-signing solution from within SharePoint so that a user need not go outside the SharePoint environment when e-signing documents. As a result the client decided to implement e-signing connector for Microsoft SharePoint.

TechPerspect’s Solution: TechPerspect created a SharePoint connector for the e-signing solution of the client. The connector helps a user to create packages and e-sign document(s) from within SharePoint. A user can also view the status of his/her created package from within the SharePoint environment. E-signed document includes embedded audit trials and tamper-evident signatures, and are automatically archived in Microsoft SharePoint for future reference with the following functions:

  • Coordinating signatures from multiple people on a single document
  • Keeping track of the entire e-sign process
  • Detailed management reports for the different packages that need to be e-signed
  • Multiple signers and authentication methods
  • Built in reminders and expiration dates
  • Serial and parallel signing

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