Compliance Management System

Problem Background: The client organization had a complex statutory compliance framework to follow and comply with. They did not have a foolproof technology solution in place to follow the complex procedure and as a result they had to depend on manual interference to ensure compliance with the set standards. As a result of this there were inordinate delays, additional effort expended and risk of non- compliance. Additionally there were no solutions in place to track the past records related to this process.

TechPerspect’s Solution: TechPerspect Solution was to create a Compliance Management Application that would help to ensure and demonstrate compliance with internal and external standards, legislations, procedures and codes of conduct while performing instant and real time visibility of the compliance profile of the entire organization. The solution provided:

  • Built-in and customizable workflow capabilities based on organizational hierarchy levels
  • Automatic routing of information or email notifications
  • Scheduling, Planning and Conducting of audits/assessments
  • Triggering and tracking of recommendations for improvement
  • Enables consistent and control management across the enterprise, eliminating any deviations and errors as well as redundant activities

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