Alarms Monitor

Project Details:

In our quest to provide valuable solutions to the telecom clients TechPerspect came up with this innovative idea of developing a software which could provide value by saving a lot of costs and providing accurate information to the end clients. The goal of the Alarms Monitor system is to process the raw alarms data files from various base station controller’s (BSC’s) and generate a report in excel format to show the outage {Mains Fail , Generator Off, Site on battery } in a specified period of time. The base station controller handles allocation of radio channels, receives measurements from the mobile phones, and controls handovers from base transceiver station to base transceiver station. A key function of the base station controller is to act as a concentrator where many different low capacity connections to BTSs (with relatively low utilization) become reduced to a smaller number of connections towards the mobile switching center. The maintenance costs of a base station controller are huge. Apart from the enormous energy guzzling costs the base station controllers also need to be maintained and kept running in events like power failures which are common in many setups. As a backup mechanism for the BSC’s the operating organization maintains multiple sets of generators and battery systems to power the BSC’s in the event of a power failure. The operating companies charge huge amounts of money from the telecom operator showing unrealistic and fake data about the generator and battery operating times. The telecom operators have no choice but to give into the operator’s demand due to the unavailability of the operating data for the base station controller. As a result the telecom operator has to incur very high costs as operating expenses for the BSC’s. Alarms monitor solution helps the telecom operator to know the actual situation based on different parameters for which the report is sought. There are three basic options i.e. to get a report of failure of the main system, report for generator support and report for the battery backup. If the telecom company has these reports as a result then they know the actual operating expenses and which could save them a lot of money. Apart from this there are many other parameters that can be chosen while generating the final report.

Alarms Monitor Features

  • Selection of one or more raw files from multiple base station controller’s (BSC’s)
  • Management of Master Site Information
  • Handling of different alarm types based on the user requirements
  • Generation and export of reports to MS Excel
  • Simple Innovative UI with easy select options

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