From various e-business initiatives, there has been a great need to gain access to information and discover what is needed to consolidate and integrate systems and Web sites. Today’s knowledge users want to make fast, accurate business decisions by using information, processes and communities of interest through a single point of access. Your clients, employees and partners want to use content and services anytime, anywhere across the enterprise – personally and securely.

TechPerspect understands what you are seeking:

  • A secure, efficient method for sharing and retrieving information and documents while reducing costs by shrinking information-distribution expenses and delays.
  • Support for corporate branding, search and retrieval, and community interest groups.
  • A way to promote long-distance collaboration and innovation while gaining new capabilities for more easily assembling, managing and following business processes.
  • Ability to leverage your current investment in technology.

To help achieve your goals, TechPerspect’s Portals and Collaboration Services provides you with the benefits of a best-practice delivery methodology and framework that help you successfully leverage functions from many technology disciplines including social networking capabilities, business intelligence, document management and Web site development. TechPerspect understands your intention that your content be designed with your users in mind, based on having creative resources working together to build solutions that meet both your needs and your users’ needs in an accessible and visually appealing format.

With TechPerspect Portals and Collaboration Services, you’ll extend the reach of your enterprise:

  • You can achieve a 100 percent ROI in one year by consolidating your disparate portals and Web sites and implementing content management.
  • You’ll experience fewer errors and faster business cycles by employing process automation and self-service in place of help desks.
  • You’ll increase sales volume while improving customer service levels and employee efficiency with personalized, targeted content.
  • You’ll eliminate 10 percent to 20 percent of your content creation effort, reduce errors, inconsistencies and out-of-date content by reusing digital assets.

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