Expense and inefficiency of content management. Compliance with complex government and regulatory requirements. Lack of internal retention policies and procedures. Inconsistencies in content usage. Legacy systems.

Intellectual capital represents your most valuable competitive advantage. Many companies have content spread across the enterprise in intranets, relational databases, file systems, business applications or non-electronic media. So you may not even know how much intellectual capital you have, who’s creating it or who’s using it. Your legacy solutions, such as keeping content on file servers or in databases, aren’t helping because they’re potentially expensive to maintain and not meeting your enterprise requirements. Failure to comply with complex government and regulatory requirements can be risky and costly. And you’re spending a great deal of money managing the content. You have to find a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage your unstructured content as well as be government regulatory compliant.

You need to manage all of your content-related processes – from creation and storage through distribution and archival – in a transparent and integrated way across your enterprise. TechPerspect can help. We offer consultation, assessment strategy & planning, design, architect, implementation and ongoing management services that can help you in capturing, managing, storing, preserving and delivering content. This will allow you to accelerate business growth, lower cost and mitigate risk.

You can manage the lifecycle of content, including digitization, storage, retrieval and distribution throughout your enterprise supply chain. And you can access and update information in its original form and location, as well as information from traditional document and content management repositories, including: print streams, images, electronic documents and Web content.

With TechPerspect’s help you can:

  • Minimize your regulatory compliance risk by an estimated 30 percent to 50 percent.
  • Reduce turnaround and response times.
  • Reduce time to productivity.
  • Decrease time to market.

Some of our work:

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